Lev Halibey

About Lev

I have worked in digital marketing since 2010, with experience in SEO, Paid Search, Analytics & Tagging, Social Media and Digital Strategy. In my career I have worked at 2 major NYC agencies, and managed site relaunches for some of the biggest names in Fashion, TV, CPG, and Travel.

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Outside of work, I'm an avid scuba diver, skier, hiker, and hobbyist. In the past I have dove NY, SC and FL coasts, as well as parts of the Caribbean. I've hiked large parts of the Appalachian trail, and love to mountain bike. And as an amateur maker, I love to build things with my homemade 3d printer. If you don't see anything on my site about any of this, it's just because I haven't added it in yet, so check back soon!

What I do

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