How to Learn SEO

SEO can be an intimidating field when you first dive into it. There’s a deep history in SEO, from old tactics that do not work anymore to algorithm changes that still have an impact years later. Where do you start?


This is an evolving list of SEO resources that have been incredibly helpful to me, and hopefully to you!


List of SEO Resources:

  • Google’s SEO Guide – Google just released a new version of its SEO Started guide (good timing!). This is definitely a great place to start.
  • Google Ranking Factors – This site has a really good breakdown of common SEO best practices and whether they are probably true/false, because so many SEO best practices are based on theories or conjecture, not necessarily hard facts. This site tries to demystify some of it and is a great place to look when you hear about something that is “important for SEO”, to see if that is actually true!
  • Google Algorithm Change History – This page has a listing of all known SEO algorithm changes. Google actually updates its algorithm every day, but some updates are much more impactful or widespread and can actually be observed through rankings or traffic. If you ever notice a strange behavior in organic traffic, it is good to check the date against this list to see if the reason could be from a specific update. This is also a good resource for better understanding how Google’s algorithm functions, by looking at every update and understanding the types of things that Google tries to improve on.
  • Guide to SEO Tools – This page lists a lot of SEO tools, and can be filtered if you are looking for a specific type of tool. It’s a great starting point if you are looking for a new tool to help you with some process.
  • Mozcast – this tool tracks search results for a wide variety of industries and gives a single metric for each day based on how much search results changed. This gives us a heads up if Google has released some algorithm update because the Mozcast “temperature” will spike on days that see a lot of fluctuation.
  • Search Engine Marketshare – This site provides statistics on Search Engine Marketshare, as well as some other marketshares such as browser and device usage, and can be filtered by geographies. It’s helpful to keep in mind how usage may be different in various countries around the world.
  • Google Click Through Rate Study – This site gives updated CTR values by position for different industries, and is great to cross reference against your own CTR’s in Google Search Console. It is helpful to see if you are doing as well as you should be, or if your search results for some reason are not appealing to searchers.

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